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How to Adopt


  • Potential adopters may come in anytime during open hours and visit with our available animals.
  • Meet with one of our adoption counselors so that we can get to know you and find an animal that best suits your needs and lifestyle.
  • If you are applying to adopt a dog and you currently have other dogs, we may request a meet and greet at the shelter (your dog must be current on rabies).
  • Once an animal is selected and we feel that it is a good fit for your home, you typically will be able to take them home that day (unless there is a special circumstance that requires them to stay at the shelter longer).
  • Review and sign our adoption agreement.
  • Receive your new pet’s medical history, rabies certificate and microchip information.
  • Animals must be spayed or neutered prior to being adopted. If your pet is not old enough, you will be able to take them home and sign a foster-to-adopt agreement. Once your pet is fixed, we will complete the proper paperwork and finalize the adoption.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any adoption for any reason.

Why Conversational Adoption Counseling? 

  • In person, face to face adoptions help us get to know each adopter on a personal level. Everyone that walks into our shelter is not just a name written on an application, but an individual with a specific lifestyle. People are more likely to be truthful when speaking in person, and these conversations help us make better matches.
  • It speeds up the adoption process which decreases an animal’s time spent in the shelter. This helps prevent disease, behavior decline and creates more open space in the shelter. More space means more animals that we can help!
  • It allows us to get the information we need to make adoption
    decisions in a way that minimizes adopter stress and makes the adoption process more enjoyable.
  • Conversation-based adoptions helps us build relationships with adopters so that they us as a lifelong resource for their pets and return for advice and support when concerns crop up.
  • By trusting adopters and providing them with the support and information they need without judgment, we are able to place more animals in good homes and save more lives.




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